Gold Sponsors

The organization of the GSSE 2015 would be impossible without the sponsorship of institutions, organizations, corporate partners and Gold Sponsors. Thank you to you all. 


Advania is the most powerful information enterprise in Iceland and the ninth biggest in all the Nordic countries, with over 1000 employees. Advania offers a variety of solutions and services, which meed the needs and requirements of over ten thousand customers in industry. Advania´s solutions supply covers the entire spectrum of information technology and costumers can from there retrieve an integrated overall service, all from one place. Advania is one of few companies in knowledge industry with operation certified according to quality and safety standards ISO 9001 and 27001



Askja dealership is a service company which specializes in sales and service of vehicles from Mercedes-Benz and Kia. Askja opened March 1st in 2005 and has an authorization for sales and service of Mercedes-Benz and Kia in Iceland. The company´s goal is being a leader in service to costumers and marketing of the product the company is selling.



Bílaleiga Akureyrar – Europcar is the biggest car rental in Iceland, with over 3300 cars in operation over the summertime and 22 receptions at 18 places around the country. The companies car fleet is both large and diverse and the company has been Iceland´s leading force in buying new cars the last years. The company puts emphasis on selection of well-equipped cars, ranging from small cars up to large SUV´s, 15 seats buses, luxury cars and variety of vans. Good service and flexibility is the hallmark of the company. The car rental has special rates to guests of the Games of the Small States of Europe, click the link: Bílaleiga Akureyrar Special Rates




Blue Lagoon was chosen one of the 25 wonders of the world by the National Geographic. It is one of the most popular destination for tourists in Iceland. Blue Lagoon puts emphasis on the experience of their visitors. Blue Lagoon is known for its healing power, silica, minerals and algae. The Blue Lagoon´s Clinic provides treatment for psoriasis. Blue Lagoon skin care products contain the active ingredients of the Blue Lagoon and they are sold worldwide through the company´s online store



Eimskipafélag Íslands was established on January 17th in 1914. Initially, the emphasis was placed on shipping to and from the country by sea, but today Eimskip operates 53 offices in 19 countries, with 16 vessels in operation. The company employs about 1400 employees, including 800 in Iceland. About half of the company's revenue comes from operations outside Iceland. The company aims to provide excellent transport in the North Atlantic, as well as extensive and reliable service in the international frozen transport transmission.


Icelandair Group´s main operations are flight service and tourism and all companies within the group work in the same field. Icelandair, Icelandair Cargo, Air Iceland and Loftleiðir conduct flight operations and related activities within the group while Icelandair Hotels, Iceland Travel and Vita work in tourism. Icelandair Ground Services and Fjárvakur are service companies that service the Group as well as work for other clients.



Íslandsbanki is a leading financial institution in Iceland that offers universal banking services for individuals and businesses with the interests of customers and the community. The history of the bank covers 140 years of service to the key economic sectors, but now the bank has built up expertise in the field of fisheries, energy and services to the oil and gas industry, both domestically and in the North Atlantic Ocean. Íslandsbanki was the top bank in Iceland in the Icelandic Satisfaction Index in 2014, as well as both Euromoney and The Banker chose it the best bank in Iceland.



 Coca-Cola is a proud sponsor of the GSSE 2015.




Vodafone is a comprehensive telecommunications company that provides individuals, businesses, organizations and public authorities all the main aspects of telecommunications. Tens of thousands of Icelandic households and more than a hundred thousand people use the services of Vodafone, which also serves all the major municipalities in the country and many of the largest companies. Vodafone builds its service and range of products largely on the cooperation with Vodafone Group Plc, one of the largest and most powerful mobile phone company in the world.



"Whatever the weather" is the motto of ZO•ON when manufacturing outdoor clothes as well as ski- and golf apparel, specially designed for Icelandic weather. We keep our promise of high quality outdoor clothing. You can enjoy outdoor activities free and comfortable as ZO•ON protects you against the weather.