The Games´s Competition Venues in Reykjavik and surrounding area


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Hótel Ísland: AND, MLT

Grand Hotel: LUX, CYP, MNE

Reykjavik Lights: SMR, ISL

Hilton: MON, LIE

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Weather and Climate

Iceland enjoys a much milder climate than its name and location adjacent to the Arctic circle would imply. The smmer tourist season is from late May to early September. During the first half of this period the sun stays above the horizon for almost 24 hours and the interplay of light and shadows on mountains, lava fields and glaciers yield an ever changing landscape. During daytime, the air is usually cool or refreshing, and cold during nighttime.  

Time Zone

Central European Time (GMT +0)



The official currency of Iceland is the Icelandic Krona (ISK).

The most common credidcards are accepted. 



220V A/C, with the standardized European plug.


Weights and Measures

Iceland uses the metric system of weights and measures. Temperatures are reported in degrees Celsius, petrol is sold by the litre, grocery items are in grams and kilograms, fabric lengths in meters and road speeds and distances posted in kilometers.


Languages and Religion

The official language is Icelandic. The spoken language is Icelandic. English is also spoken by most of the inhabitants. The majority of the inhabitants of the population are Lutheran. However, Baptist, Catholic, Jehovah´s Witness and other Christian minorities exist.