Blossi, the Mascot

The idea behind the Mascot, as well as the Games´s Logo, is to relate to the Games´s environmental friendly concept. The idea reflects Icelandic nature, its very colorful. The Mascot´s hair is made of fire from a volcano, the head is the sun, the body is made of moss, the tail is made of ice from a glacier, the legs are made of water and the feet are made of basalt columns. The Mascot is very strong, but still flexible.

 The cartoon starts off by showing Iceland, an island in the sea. Looking closer, you can see a volcano erupting in Iceland. In the volcano, a small fire-drop is born. It opens it´s eyes the same time it rushes from the eruption and up in the air. The fire drop flies in the air and then lands on a glacier. On the glacier it gets ice on its tail. It rushes up in the air again and continues forward over lava and moss, where it gets its moss-fur. Finally it lands on some basalt columns, where it gets its basalt columns shoes. The GSSE´s Mascot is then ready. It bears strong characteristics of Icelandic nature and the natural power that characterise the country and the nation. 

The Mascot got it´s name the 21st February, when 100 days remained until the Opening Ceremony. It is known as "Blossi" in Icelandic, or "Spark" in English.

The announcement of the name was made during a basketball match in women finals in the same hall as basketball competition will take place at the Games this summer, Laugardalshöll.