06.06.2015 19:14

Montenegro Winner in the Men´s Competition in Basketball!

MoreMontenegro was a number to big for the Icelandic team in the final game today. They started the game very strong and took 0-12 lead in the first minutes. Montenegro led by twenty points 41-61 in half time. Iceland never threatened the win and Montenegro ended up as the GSSE 2015 winners after winning 84-102.
06.06.2015 19:13

Fab five at the final day for Iceland

MoreIceland shot to the top of the awards table by picking up five gold medals at the Athletics competition in Laugardalsvöllur today. Cyprus and Malta enjoyed a fine day as well.
06.06.2015 19:03

Iceland did good on home soil

MoreAfter GSSE 2015 Iceland is at the top of the Medals Table, ahead of the eight other competing countries.

Older News

06.06.2015 18:56

Luxembourg winner in the Women´s Competition in Basketball

Women´s basketball team from Luxembourg won the Gold Medal after an exciting final game against Iceland 54-59 at Laugardalshöll Sports Hall today.
06.06.2015 18:28

Two more gold medals for Luxembourg

Luxembourg celebrated two gold medals at the team event in judo. Eleven teams were registered for the competition, six male teams and five female teams.
06.06.2015 18:25

Icelandic golfers with all the Gold Medals

Kristján Þór Einarsson, Iceland, won the Singles Event. He played the last day on 77 strokes, after setting a course record yesterday, 64 strokes. Sandro Piaget from Monaco was second, on 2 under par. Haraldur Franklín Magnús was third on par.
06.06.2015 17:49

Yang and Provost won at the singles

Monaco claimed two gold medals during the singles of the GSSE Table Tennis through Damien Provost and Xioaxian Yang today.
06.06.2015 17:02

San Marino won the silver

San Marino got the silver medal in women‘s Volleyball after overcoming Luxembourg 3:0 in the final match today. Montenegro were the run-away winners.
06.06.2015 15:22

Laurent Recourdec from Andorra winner in Tennis

This morning Finals in Men´s Singles in Tennis took place. Laurent Recourdec from Andorra won Ugo Nastasi from Luxembourg 6-7(4), 6-3, 6-4.
06.06.2015 15:20

Celebrations for Iceland and Andorra

Iceland and Andorra celebrated today as their team won the Beach Volleyball competition after finals against Monaco and Liechtenstein, respectively.
06.06.2015 12:52

Follow the Judo live

The Judo competition can be streamed live via YouTube.
06.06.2015 08:35

Today is the final day of the Games

The final day of competition starts at 9 am with Golf Competition (9am-3pm). Today players will compete in eight sports. Competition in Gymnastics, Shooting and Swimming is over.
05.06.2015 23:55

Luxembourg at the top of the Medals Table

After day four of competition Luxembourg is at the first time at the top of the Medals Table, ahead of the eight other competing countries. Luxembourg has won a total of 62 Medals while Iceland has won a total of 89 Medals. Luxembourg is at the top because they have more Gold Medals, 29, while Iceland has 28. Cyprus is in third place with 41 Medals, thereof 17 Gold Medals.
05.06.2015 23:21

Round-up: Day 4

Today was the last day of swimming and shooting but the first of judo. Final standings came clearer in other sports.
05.06.2015 20:29

Five game records on the final day

Five new game records were set in the swimming pool today while Hrafnhildur Lúthersdóttir (ISL) collected her fourth Gold Medal at GSSE 2015.
05.06.2015 15:47

New Game record in Skeet

Competition in Skeet finished today at Álfsnes after hard competition between Örn Valdimarsson (ISL) and Georgios Kazakos (CYP), Kazakos won.
05.06.2015 15:12

First victory of San Marino in Volleyball Women

San Marino won their first Volleyball match in Women Category - They won 3-1
05.06.2015 14:46

Table Tennis half 14 games have been played today

There has not been a quiet moment in TBR – Sports Hall this morning where the Table Tennis tournament takes place. The score after this morning is as follows
05.06.2015 12:22

Volunteers make things happen

Volunteers at GSSE 2015 make things happen. Without them, GSSE 2015 wouldn´t have come true. Volunteering is renowned for skill development, socialization, and fun. Many volunteers here at the GSSE 2015 are specifically trained in the areas they work, such as medicine, driving, serving or other things. Others serve on an as-needed basis. Our volunteers secure that everything runs as smoothly a possible and everybody enjoys the Games.
05.06.2015 08:39

Today is the fourth day of the Games

The fourth day of competition starts at 9 am with Shooting (9pm-2am) and Golf (9pm-3am).
04.06.2015 23:27

Iceland leads the Medals Table

After day three of competition Iceland is still at the top of the medals table, ahead of the eight other competing countries.
04.06.2015 23:21

Third day of competition is over

The third day is over. It was a pleasant day, good weather and great athmosphere. Now only two days remain until the Closing Ceremony.
04.06.2015 23:09

Three games were played in the Basketball Competition today.

In the Men´s Competition, Montenegro had a good win against Andorra erlier today. They lead by 11 points in half time 48-37. In third quarter Montenegro increased the lead and at the end they were over by 24 points. In the end Montenegro won the game by 20 points 89-69.
04.06.2015 20:21

Olympic day celebrated

Tomorrow at 9.30 am around 500 school children will visit Laugardalur. The children are students in six different elementary schools in the Reykjavik area. They get the chance to try various sports, including Fencing, Athletics, Soccer, Glima (icelandic wrestling) and Bowling.
04.06.2015 20:09

Athletics Competition was exciting today

Athletics competition is finished today. The weather was alright, cloudy, with little wind and a little rain. The last day of the Athletics competition is on Saturday
04.06.2015 19:36

New records in Swimming

The third day of swimming has ended. Today was finals in 50m freestyle, 100m breaststroke, 200m freestyle and 4x100m medley. Two Game Records have been set today.
04.06.2015 19:35

Andorra and Liechtenstein top of the groups

Andorra and Liechtenstein finished at the top of their groups as the qualifying rounds came to end in Beach volleyball. Monaco and Iceland are set to battle for the gold in the women‘s competition.
04.06.2015 18:29

Luxembourg without a defeat in Men´s Volleyball

Men´s Volleyball Team from Luxembourg is without a defeat after winnig today against San Marino.
04.06.2015 18:02

Changes of time schedule in Judo

At Technical Meeting today it was decided to change the time schedule in Judo. Tomorrow the Competition starts at 2 pm (was 12 pm). Finals start at 6 pm. Other events will be the same.
04.06.2015 17:12

Basketball Live

Follow the Basketball Competition live.
04.06.2015 15:43

Where is Blossi?

Blossi, GSSE 2015 Mascot, will be at Laugardalshöll today from 5.30-6.30 pm. Blossi is interested in Volleyball so he will watch Iceland against Montenegro from 6 pm.
04.06.2015 15:14

Luxembourg saw off Liechtenstein in a tight match

Luxembourg celebrated their first win at the women‘s Volleyball at the GSSE 2015 when it fought off a challenge from Liechtenstein in a close tie in the first game at the volleyball court today.
04.06.2015 15:08

Swimming Finals at 17.30

A live broadcast from the finals is at 5:30 - 6:45 pm
04.06.2015 14:52

Guðrún Brá extends her lead

Guðrún Brá Björgvinsdóttir extended her lead in the women‘s Golf competition to six shots during the second round at Korpa golf course today.
04.06.2015 14:20

Eric Lanza winner in prone 60

Eric Lanza from Monaco was the winner at the shooting range in Álfsnes today, closely followed by two Icelanders.
04.06.2015 13:58

Beach volleyball: Andorra register a victory over Cyprus

Andorra beat Cyprus 2-0 in the second match today in beach volleyball. Rain drops have made the competition quite interesting.
04.06.2015 13:03

Souvenirs Shop

Buy official Games´ products, Blossi the Mascot, Posters, Mugs, Key chains, Pins and Postcards. The shop is in Laugardalshöll Sports Hall, at the Main Center. We encourage you all to come by and take a look at beautiful souvenirs.
04.06.2015 09:01

The 3rd Competition day

The 3rd day of the Games started at 9 am this morning with Golf Competition at Korpa and Shooting at Álfsnes. The Icelandic golfers lead the competition, in both singles events and team events, in both Women´s and Men´s category. It is interesting to see if they succeed to stay on top.
03.06.2015 23:47

Iceland still at the top

After day two of competition Iceland is still at the top of the medals table, ahead of the eight other competing countries.
03.06.2015 23:23

Second Competition day is over

Today, the weather was good, the sun was shining and there was great atmosphere in Laugardalur. Spectators cheered their favourite person or team and some good results happened. Iceland is still number one on the Medals Table, Luxembourg is second and Cyprus third.
03.06.2015 22:21

Monaco men won Gold

Both teams from Monaco, Men‘s and Women´s made it to the finals. The luck was on the Men´s site and the team of Monaco beat Montenegro 3-1 in a very exciting match. The women´s team from Monaco met the team of Luxemburg who won the finals in 2013. The team of Luxemburg is the winner second time in a row.
03.06.2015 21:49

Four gold medals for Georgiou

The national anthems of Iceland and Cyprus were played repeatedly in the gymnastic arena today. The Icelandic girls collected a clean sweep of four gold medals and Marios Georgiou (CYP) picked up four gold medals in the men‘s competition.
03.06.2015 21:17

Iceland and Montenegro line up for a crucial match

Iceland held off San Marino in the women‘s basketball in a 3:1 win today. Montenegro won Luxembourg 3:0 earlier today.
03.06.2015 21:00

Historic results for Iceland´s girls

It was a great day at the Beach Volleyball competition today. Good weather, with two digit heat numbers, calm wind and little sun. A lot of spectators came to visit the Beach Volleyball stadium for the early games as schools in the area came for a visit, picked teams to support and experience the sport.
03.06.2015 18:55

Luxembourg locked out Malta

Luxembourg had no trouble fending off Malta in the women‘s basketball during their 64-42 win today.
03.06.2015 18:17

Montenegro´s dominance

In Women´s Volleyball, Montenegro won their 2nd game at the GSSE 2015 when securing a victory against Luxembourg 3:0. The sets were 25:14, 25:16 and 25:14. It was Luxembourg´s first game. Luxembourg will play against Liechtenstein tomorrow at 1 pm at Laugardalshöll Sports Hall.
03.06.2015 18:00

Tennis Competition

Results after second day of competition in Tennis.
03.06.2015 12:52

Finals in men's Air Pistol

It’s time for Air Pistol Shooters to shine. The men’s competition started at 9 am this morning and Ivar Ragnarsson from Iceland led the finals for a long time but in in the final stages Boris Jeremenko from Monaco took the lead and the first place.
03.06.2015 08:42

It's "Tee" time

The Golf Competition at GSSE 2015 begins today at the Korpa Golf Course. This is the first time that golf is a competition event at GSSE.
03.06.2015 08:30

Second day of Competition

The second day of competition starts at 9 with Shooting Competition at Íþróttahús ÍFR and Golf Competition at Korpa Golf Course. This is the first day of the Golf Competition.
03.06.2015 08:01

Iceland at the top of the Medals Table

After the first day of competition Iceland is at the top of the medal table, ahead of the eight other competing countries. Iceland has won a total of 26 Medals, including eight Gold Medals. Luxembourg is currently in second place, with 16 Medals, including seven Gold Medals.
02.06.2015 23:04

First Competition day is over

First Competition day is over and we saw many interesting results today. Shooting Competition started at 9 with Men´s Air Rifle and Marc-Andre Reinhard Kessler from Liechtenstein had the honor to win the first Gold Medal at the 2015 Games. Kesler made 198,8 points, Michael Mattle Liechtenstein made 197,9 points and William Vella Malta made 174.2 points.
02.06.2015 21:03

It was cold at the Beach-Volleyball court

Competition in Beach-Volleyball at GSSE 2015 started today in a brand new and magnificent Beach- Voleyball court besides Laugardalslaug. This is the first time nations teams compete in Beach-Volleyball in Iceland. Even though the weather was not the best today, it is still a reason to celebrate Beach-Volleyball as a growing sport in Iceland.
02.06.2015 20:22

Panagiotis first in a close race

Panagiotis Ioannou (CYP) was first over the finish line in Men‘s 100 m run in the last event at Laugardalsvöllur today. Charlotte Wingfield (MLT) won the Women‘s race.
02.06.2015 20:03

Montenegro plays well today

The first match in Women´s Volleyball was between Montenegro and San Marino today. It´s the first time Montenegro takes part in the Games in Women´s Volleyball, but the team showed great spirit and won 3-0. The Games went 25-17, 21-25 and 25-14. Montenegro´s team is really strong, with players playing in strong divisions in France, Serbia and Polland. San Marino tried their best but didn´t succeed in defending the great offence by the opposite team.
02.06.2015 19:54

Ásdís winner in javelin throw

Ásdís Hjálmsdóttir came away as a secure winner in women‘s javelin throw with a throw of 58,85 m in the fourth round. Hlynur Andrésson won the men‘s 5000 m run and Charline Mathias the women‘s 800 m run.
02.06.2015 17:40

Volleyball Competition

Volleyball Competition starts tonight at Laugardalshöll Sports Hall. First game starts at 6:00 PM. This year five nations compete in the Women´s Competition, Iceland, Cyprus, Montenegro, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. In the Men´s Competition four nations compete against each other, Iceland, Luxembourg, Monaco and San Marino.
02.06.2015 15:16

Gymnastics Competition

The Gymnastic Competition starts today at 4:00 PM at Laugaból Ármann Gymnastic Hall. Luxembourg won the most awards at the last GSSE in 2013, total of 15 medals ( 4 Gold, 8 Silver and 3 Bronze). Next up was Iceland with 13 awards (5 Gold and 8 Bronze).
02.06.2015 13:59

GSSE Photos

Photos from GSSE events can be seen on the website undir "Photos" and on the Games´ Facebook site GSSE 2015.
02.06.2015 13:53

Men's Air Rifle finals

Mark-Andre Reinhard Kessler from Liechtenstein won the Air Rifle Competition at GSSE 2015 with 198,8 points
02.06.2015 12:40

Volleyball at Laugardalslaug Aquatic Center

The Beach Volleyball Competition starts in a few minutes at the new beach volleyball pitch in Laugardalslaug Aquatic Center. It was specially made for GSSE 2015.
02.06.2015 12:25

Preliminary results in today´s Swimming Competition

Three preliminary events took place this morning in Laugardalslaug Aquatic Center. Bryndís Rún Hansen, Iceland, came in first in the Women’s 100 Freestyle. Andrew Chetcuti, Malta, had the best time in Men’s 100 Freestyle and Anton Sveinn Mckee, Iceland, had the best time in Men’s 200 Medley.
02.06.2015 11:05

The ball is in the air at TBR Badminton Hall

The Table Tennis competition started at 10 am at the TBR Badminton Hall with the Team matches. First to play were Iceland vs. Luxembourg women’s team and Iceland vs. Andorra men’s team.
02.06.2015 10:41

Swimming competition started

The swimming competition started at 10 am with the women 200m Backstroke. The finals are at 5.30 pm every night. To watch the competition live you can tune in to Hringbraut and here is the full schedule.
02.06.2015 10:00

Tennis Competition

Competition in Tennis started at 10.00. Today, both singles and doubles competition will take place at Tennishöll Kópavogs Tennishall. Competition in singles, men´s and women´s, is from 10.000 to 13.00. Competition in doubles, men´s and women´s, is from 14.30 to18.00.
02.06.2015 08:30

Competition starts with Shooting

GSSE 2015 Competition begins today. Shooting sports competition begins at 9 in air rifle men and finishes at 13. Competition in air rifle women is from 13 to 16. Petra Zublasing, from Italy, women's World Champion and women´s shooter of the year, will be the main presenter in shooting at the Games.
01.06.2015 22:07

Opening Ceremony of the GSSE 2015

The Opening Ceremony of the GSSE 2015 took place in Laugardalshöll tonight. Since the weather in Iceland is unpredictable, it was decided to hold the ceremony indoors. In June 1997, the Opening Ceremony was held in Laugardalsvöllur Stadium, and then it was snowing. Anything can happen when it comes to Icelandic summer weather.
01.06.2015 21:00

Glacier moved from Jökulsárlón to Laugardalshöll

It was an impressing sight when the glacier from Jöklsárlón was a put in its place beside a lava rock from Reykjanes. These elements are a part of the Natural Power concept of the GSSE 2015 and carry the Games´ flame.
01.06.2015 18:15

Annual Meeting of the Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE)

The Annual meeting of the GSSE was held in Björtu Loft at Harpa Concert Hall. The Games in 2017 will be held in San Marino. Delegates from San Marino presented the preparation of the Games. The Games 2019 will be held in Montenegro and delegates from San Marino also introduce their structure and facilities for the Games.
01.06.2015 11:05

Day one of the GSSE 2015

The sun greets on first day of GSSE 2015 and hundreds of competitors are in Laugardalur to get to know the area and prepare for the upcoming competition.
29.05.2015 15:44

The GSSE 2015 Cars

The car agency Askja, the agent of Mercedes-Benz in Iceland, and the car hire Europcar in Iceland are two of the ten Gold Partners of the GSSE2015. Europecar and Askja ensure a nice transport of the participants at the Games. 70 Mercedes-Benz cars will be used to transport participants between the competition areas, hotels, airport and other services needed during the Games.
25.05.2015 11:12

One week to go

Today one week remains until the Opening Ceremony of the GSSE 2015. The Games will take place from 1 - 6 June in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. The last week before the Games many things need to be considered. A part of the GSSE 2015 signs will be set up in the Sports Halls tomorrow.
20.05.2015 15:28

GSSE 2015 Medals

Last week Lárus L. Blöndal, the President of the NOC of Iceland, unveiled the medals that will be awarded to athletes at the GSSE 2015. The medals will be presented in gold, silver and bronze. The forms are irregular like the country´s nature. Each sport has its own characteristics thats why the banners are in different colors. Its demand will be great among the almost 800 athletes competing for them. It will be interesting to see who gets her wish fulfilled.
20.05.2015 13:21

Building of the Beach-Volleyball court

Competition in Beach-Volleyball at GSSE 2015 will take place from 2 - 6 of June. A new Beach-Volleyball court has been built besides the city´s biggest pool, Laugardalslaug. That area is big enough for one international competition court. The especially imported sand for the court has not arrived yet but it will within few days.
18.05.2015 12:26

Discount on Car Rental at GSSE 2015

Europecar is the official Car Rental of the Games of the Small States of Europe 2015. Take advantage of their special rates and book online now.
16.05.2015 15:48

Icelandic participants meet

The first meeting of the Icelandic participants at the GSSE 2015 took place last friday. The federations have already submitted competitor lists for the tournament. Before the formal program began, participants were given the opportunity to try on the clothing they will wear during the Games.
12.05.2015 14:25

20 days until GSSE 2015

Today, 20 days remain until the GSSE 2015. For this milestone we have created a video to present the Games. The video can be seen on the Games´Facebook site.
12.05.2015 13:33

Olís sponsors the GSSE 2015

The National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland signed an agreement with Olís a few days ago, to support the GSSE 2015. Líney Rut Halldórsdóttir the NOC´s General Manager and Jón Ólafur HalldÓrsson, the CEO of Olís signed the agreement.
07.05.2015 16:12

Day Tours discount

All participants at the GSSE 2015 get a discount on Day Tours with Reykjavik Excursions during the Games.
01.05.2015 14:07

One month until GSSE 2015

Today one month remains until the Opening Ceremony of the GSSE 2015, which takes place in Reykjavik 1- 6 June. To mark the occasion, the final photo of Icelandic athletes is published. This time, the athletes posing in down town Reykjavik. All of the athletes in the picture have their own natural power photo in the photo sequence "Natural Power".
30.04.2015 17:22

Blossi gave students the small version of himself

Today, the GSSE´s mascot, Blossi, visited Vesturbæjarskóli, the school that won the name-competition for the name of the mascot, the NOC held in January.
28.04.2015 09:46

Blossi visits Hvolsskóli

The students at Hvolsskóli (School in Hvolsvöllur) have been having a good time the past week during theme days, which were inspired by the GSSE 2015. The theme days ended on Wednesday with a Spring festival. Blossi, the mascot of the GSSE 2015, visited the school.
27.04.2015 15:29

GSSE 2015 Stamp

The 30th of April, a new stamp will be issued with pictograms of the sports included at the Games of the Small States of Europe 2015. The occasion is that Iceland is hosting the GSSE 2015. The designer of the stamp is Elsa Nielsen, a graphic designer and one of the two graphic designers in the Games´s design team.
27.04.2015 10:08

Blossi at sporting events

Blossi, the GSSE´s 2015 mascot, has been diligent in attending the various sporting events during the past weeks. Blossi attended both judo competition as well as a swimming competition.
24.04.2015 14:26

Volunteers start working

The atmosphere is really good at the headquarters of the NOC today. Volunteers at GSSE 2015, have come together to review the medals and assist with clothes fitting. It is fair to say that there is great joy and team spirit.
01.04.2015 15:56

Basic training for volunteers

Yesterday the first group of volunteers at the GSSE 2015 meet. Around 1200 volunteers have signed up to take part in the Games and yesterday the first group, consisting of 200 volunteers, had basic training. The project manager for the GSSE 2015, Óskar Örn Guðbrandsson, talked about the Games in general and the manager for volunteers, Brynja Guðjónsdóttir, had more practical information.
30.03.2015 13:36

Newsletter nr.6

The sixth issue of the GSSE´s 2015 Newsletter has now been published. In this newsletter you can read about the mascot´s name, Blossi, and its announcement, new equipment in the sports halls that will be used during the Games, and an interview with Sævar Guðmundsson, the general manager of the Volleyball Federation of Iceland, among many other things.
27.03.2015 15:16

Chef de Mission meeting in Iceland

Yesterday, delegates from the countries participating in the Games of the Small States of Europe 1-6 June 2015 arrived to Iceland. Nine countries will participate, Andorra, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino, and Iceland. Yesterday evening the group was offered to visit the hotels participants will be staying at this summer.
18.03.2015 08:20

Blossi visits Njarðvíkurskóli

Last Monday, the GSSE´s mascot, Blossi, visited Njarðvíkurskóli, the school that won the name-competition for the name of the mascot, the NOC held in January. The school is located in Njarðvík, a town near the airport in Keflavík. One of the class in the school, 5.H.G., sent in the winning name, Blossi.
17.03.2015 08:46

Blue Lagoon - New sponsor of the GSSE 2015

Yesterday, the National Olympic andSports Association of Iceland signed a contract with the Blue Lagoon for support for the Games of the Small States of Europe 2015. With this contract, the Blue Lagoon is one of the Golden sponsors of the GSSE 2015.
21.02.2015 14:34

The Mascot´s name is Blossi

Today, when 100 days remain until the Opening Ceremony, the Mascot of the GSSE 2015 got it´s name. It is known as "Blossi" in Icelandic, or "Spark" in English. The announcement of the name was today during a basketball match in women finals in the same hall as basketball competition will take place at the Games this summer, Laugardalshöll.
21.02.2015 08:05

100 days to go

Today 100 days remain until the Opening Ceremony of the GSSE 2015. Two new posters of Icelandic athletes performing in Icelandic nature are published today.
17.02.2015 13:11

City´s and State´s contribution to the Games

NOC´s President, Lárus L. Blöndal, the Mayor of Reykjavik, Dagur B. Eggertsson and Illugi Gunnarsson, the Minister of Education, Science and Culture, signed contracts last friday for the GSSE 2015. The estimated costs for hosting the GSSE is around 600 million kroner or about 4 million EUR.
12.02.2015 09:22

Newsletter nr.5 is out

The fifth issue of the GSSE´s 2015 Newsletter has now been published. In this newsletter you can read the Games´s Mascot birth story, get to know the Project Manager for the GSSE as well as the Project Manager for the volunteers.
05.12.2014 15:45

The fourth Newsletter is out

The fourth issue of the GSSE´s 2015 Newsletter has now been published. In this newsletter you can find information about the Stadiums, see the Games´s Mascot, read about the Gold partners of the Games, see new photos in the "Natural Power" sequence and get information about volunteering at the Games.
07.10.2014 10:14

Registration of volunteers for GSSE 2015

The website for the registration of volunteers at the GSSE 2015 was activated the 3rd of October. The president of Iceland´s NOC, Lárus Blöndal, activated the website at a formal ceremony in the heart of Reykjavik, Laugardalur, where eight out of eleven competitions will take place.
01.09.2014 16:35

New GSSE´s 2015 Newsletter

The third issue of the GSSE´s 2015 Newsletter has now been published. In this newsletter you can find information about the Stadiums and the GSSE´s Design Team, read about San Marino´s Golf Team visit to Iceland, see new photos in the "Natural Power" sequence and get to learn about Iceland´s volcanos.
05.08.2014 09:00

300 days to go

Today 300 days remain until the Opening Ceremony of GSSE 2015, which takes place in Reykjavik 1-6 June. Two new posters of Icelandic athletes performing in Icelandic nature are published today as well as interviews with the athletes. The interviews can be seen here on the website under "Natural Power".
27.06.2014 08:55

A golf team from San Marino played in Iceland

Eight people from San Marino visited Iceland from 21 - 25 of June to play golf at Korpa Golf Course, the golf course Iceland´s NOC selected for the GSSE 2015. The delegation included managers of San Marino´s Golf Federation as well as athletes likely to be eligible in the 2015 Games. The purpose of the travel was to get to know the Korpa Golf Course
19.06.2014 16:32

The second issue of the GSSE´s 2015 Newsletter has now been published.

The second issue of the GSSE´s 2015 Newsletter has now been published. In this newsletter you can find the organizers main projects since the last newsletter, see photos from the Technical meeting and General Assembly which took place in Reykjavik from 16th- 17th of May, see new photos in the "Natural Power" sequence and more.
01.06.2014 08:49

One year until GSSE 2015

Today one year remains until the GSSE 2015 begins. For the occasion one more photo in the ‟Natural Power“ sequence will be published. The photo chosen when there is one year until the Games is a photo showing the golfer Anna Sólveig Snorradóttir hitting a golfball into a geyser.
23.05.2014 15:25

GSSE delegates meet in Iceland

The Games of the Small States of Europe´s (GSSE) Technical Commission meeting and General Assembly took place in Iceland last weekend. Delegates from the nine countries that take part in the Games attended the meetings.
29.04.2014 12:59

400 days to the GSSE 2015

27th of April 400 days remain until the Opening Ceremony of the Games of the Small States of Europe in Reykjavik. Beautiful posters of Icelandic athletes performing in Icelandic nature have been made to promote the GSSE 2015.
17.01.2014 22:38

500 Days to go

Today, Friday the 17th of January, there are only 500 days to the 16th Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE). To celebrate this day we have now published the first issue of the Games Newsletter. In this Newsletter you can find some basic information about the events and venues, list of key dates, and some information about Reykjavik City.